Pressure Measurement

We provide wide range of all types of Pressure Measuring instruments according to the application and specific requirement.

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Since the invention of Bourdon-tube gauge in 1850, still this is one of the most widely used instruments for measuring the pressure of liquids and gases of all kinds, including steam, water, and air.

Considering the various applications and customized requirements, we offer various types of Pressure Gauges.

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                 B] PRESSURE SWITCH

                    Based on the various use of Pressure Switch, herein we provide a wide range of Pressure Switches. It includes weatherproof, explosion proof and flameproof type also.

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Apart from the various type os Pressure Gauges, we are also having all type of Pressure Accessories like Gauge Cock, Snubber, Siphon, Gauge Saver, Diaphragm Seal (screwed/flange connection).

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