Temperature Element

Overview of Temperature Element :

Until about 260 years ago temperature measurement was very subjective. By the early 18th century, as many as 35 different temperature scales had been devised. The early 1800’s were very productive in the area of temperature measurement and understanding.

Our Scope in Thermocouple :

Later on, in 1821 it has been discovered that current could be produced by unequally heating two junctions of two dissimilar metals. That is the Thermocouple effect.

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Our Scope in RTD :

In the same year, it also has been discovered that all metals have a positive temperature coefficient of resistance and that platinum could be used as an excellent temperature detector (RTD). These two discoveries marked the beginning of serious electrical sensors.

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Our Scope in Thermowell :

Apart from Thermocouple and RTD, we also offer wide range of Thermowell. The range considers screwed type as well as flanged type thermowell and also in straight, tapper and partial tapper for better sensing.

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