Temperature Measurement

Overview of Temperature Measurement :

The concept of measuring temperature is fairly new followed by the several inventors working on thermoscopes around 1593. However, the thermoscope could not provide an exact temperature in degrees. In 1612, the Italian inventor Santorio Santorio added a numerical scale on his thermoscope and it was used to take human temperature.

Finally the term Celsius was adopted in 1948 by an international conference on weights and measures and the scale is the preferred temperature gauge for scientific applications.

Our Scope in Temperature Measurement :

Considering the needs of industry, we offer wide range of Temperature measuring instruments. It includes Bimetallic temperature gauge and also Capillary type Temperature Gauges.

We offer a wide range of Temperature measuring instruments which are as below.

A] Bimetallic Temperature Gauge:

The bimetallic temperature sensor was invented late in the 19th century. This takes advantage of the differential expansion of two metal strips bonded together. Temperature changes create bending that can be used to activate a thermostat or a gauge similar to those used in gas grills. Accuracy is low — perhaps plus or minus 2 degrees — but these sensors are inexpensive, so they have many applications.

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B] Capillary type Temperature Gauge :

To simplify the measurement of temperature at a long distance or where the application is difficult to gauge, we have wide range of Capillary type Temperature Gauge wherein we provide a customized solutions as per the requirement.

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C] Temperature Switch :

As Temperature Switches are used to measure and control a wide range of industrial applications, we offer various types high precision Temperature Switch to monitor and control the temperature in process industry.

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