Overview of Transmitter :

Considering the flexibility and various advantages of using Transmitter, we also offer wide range of Transmitter which includes below :

A] Pressure Transmitter : Pressure transmitters are used in a wide variety of applications. They are used in machinery to warn machine operators of high pressure levels before a disaster takes place. Pressure transmitters also ensure that machines do not apply too much or too little pressure during production. Pressure transmitters can be used in conjunction with other devices to measure depth, altitude, water flow, and even pressure loss in order to prevent leaks in a system.

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B] Temperature Transmitter :

To establish a temperature measurement system, electronic temperature instrument needs to be wired to control system . RTD and thermocouple can be directly connected to control system I/O card or through Temperature Transmitter for signal conversion. In most application, temperature transmitter is used to convert RTD/Thermocouple signal and transmit 4-20mA signal, rather than directly wired the RTD or themocouple.

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C] Level Transmitter :

Level transmitters are used in a wide variety of applications requiring level measurement within tanks or containers. The chemical, food and beverage, water treatment, material handling, and power industries often employ level transmitters.

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